Mixed Sound Personnel


Mixed Sound Personnel (MSP) is an ensemble comprised of voice, percussion and electronics. This specific constellation gives the artists the possibility, through the presence of the building blocks of communication such as
breath, words, voice and the natural strength of rhythm, to communicate with the public. At the same time, MSP
uses these elements of musical deconstruction in order to highlight new contemporary art. Their performance concentrates on direct contact with the public, artistic provocation and the will to bring the listener in the performative result. The musical program of MSP holds contemporary experimental compositions and electro-acoustical improvisations.

Upcoming events

18. December 2018 AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK
19.00 Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany

19. December 2018 AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK
19.00 Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany

Past events

20. April 2018 EM-Visia
20.00 “Plivka” Kyiv, Ukraine

22. April 2018 Two Days and Two Nights of New Music
22.30 Philarmonie, Odessa, Ukraine

24. April 2018 Vox Electronica
20.00 “Dzyga” Lviv, Ukraine


Viktoriia Vitrenko

is a singer and conductor. From 2017 to 2018 she can be seen as a singer on the stage of the Ukrainian National Theater, Kyiv, as well as the Casco Theater, Amsterdam, in the course of the “Opera Forward Festival”; as a conductor in Teatro Litta, Milan, with Divertimento Ensemble. Furthermore, from 2015 to 2016, she directed the choir for “Alice in Wonderland” at the Young Opera Stuttgart. In 2013 and 2014, she performed with the female vocal ensemble “Making Waves” (Ukraine) in Great Britain, Norway, France, Macedonia, Greece and Russia, amongst others, and won numerous awards in prestigious competitions (i. a. “Florilège vocal de Tour” 2014/3rd prize, “Ohrid Choir Festival” 2013/1st prize and others). Recently, she has started several projects and ensembles, among them the InterAKT Initiative e. V., the Mixed Sound Personnel Ensemble for voice, percussion and electronics and others.

Lucas Gerin

is a French percussion player. During his Bachelor studies in Toulouse, Lucas started working with composers, premiering solo and chamber music pieces. Pursuing his master studies in Stuttgart, he added a strong electronic direction to his endeavours. Since 2016, he is part of Pony Says, an electronic/ acoustic, improvising and piece premiering ensemble based in Stuttgart. Lucas has played concerts in different countries including Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Romania, and Slovenia, on some of their most prestigious stages including : Salle Pleyel (Paris), Konzerthaus (Berlin), and the Moscow International Performing Arts Center.

Alla Zagaykevich

is a Ukrainian composer who combines activity in both academic genres (symphonic, chamber, electroacoustic compositions, chamber opera) and modern media-art (performances, multi-media installations, music for films and video-art works). In 1995-1996 she attended annual course for composition and musical informatics at the Institut IRCAM (Paris). In 1997 she created the Electronic Studio at the National Music Academy of Ukraine. Since the mid-1990-th Alla Zagaykevych is an active promoter of academic electro-acoustic music trends in Ukraine, she collaborates with performers of experimental electronic and new improvisation music. Alla is a winner of numerous compositions competitions.