Mixed Sound Personnel


Mixed Sound Personnel (MSP) is an ensemble comprised of voice, percussion and electronics. In their performances MSP concentrates on direct contact with public and engaging it in an interactive process. The musical program of MSP holds contemporary experimental compositions and their own electro-acoustical improvisations. The ensemble performed a.o. at the EM-Visia Festival, Vox Electronica, REM Festival and 2 Days & 2 Nights of New Music and is creating their own artistic concepts. MSP consists of a french percussionist Lucas Gerin and a Ukrainian singer and conductor Viktoriia Vitrenko. MSP is based in Stuttgart.

New piece "Dream House"

Music, lyrics, voice & e-drums - Mixed Sound Personnel feat. Pauline Drand
Video art - VJ Yarkus
Dedicated to Maria Kalesnikava, Paris - Stuttgart - Kyiv 2021

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New project "Chatroom"

Music & dance interactive video game

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Past events

28.October 2021 Independence Without Borders
18.00 3D digital platform
More details ---- https://www.facebook.com/interaktin/

05.February 2021 ÈCLAT Festival
19.00 ZOOM digital stage
More details ---- https://eclat.org/terminleser-eclat/release-party-zu-chatroom-mit-allen-beteiligten.html

21.August 2020 Kunst auf Rädern
18.30 Leonberg
More details ---- http://interakt-initiative.com

22.August 2020 Kunst auf Rädern
19.00 Stuttgart
More details ---- http://interakt-initiative.com

27.Februar 2020 The New Renaissance
20.00 SXID Opera, Kharkiv, Ukraine

29.Februar 2020 The New Renaissance
22.00 Lviv Philharmonie, Ukraine

01.March 2020 The New Renaissance
20.00 2c1b, Kyiv, Ukraine

19.January 2020 ton-art festival
15.00 Villa Merkel, Esslingen a.N.

18.December 2019 The New Renaissance
19.30 St. Catharine Church, Stuttgart

19.December 2019 The New Renaissance
19.30 St. Catharine Church, Stuttgart

4.October 2019 R.E.M. Festival
19.30 Schwankhalle, Bremen

11. July 2019 Bunter Beton Festival
22.00 Ebene 0, Stuttgart

12. July 2019 Bunter Beton Festival
22.00 Ebene 0, Stuttgart

30. June 2019 Stiftsmusic Festival
14.00 Landesmuseum, Stuttgart

05. February 2019 Don't try #nopera
19.30 Theater Atelier, Stuttgart

14. February 2019 Don't try #nopera
19.30 Theater Atelier, Stuttgart

18. December 2018 AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK
19.30 Theaterhaus Stuttgart, P1, Germany

19. December 2018 AFAIK 143 OTOH IDK
19.30 Theaterhaus Stuttgart, P1, Germany

24. April 2018 Vox Electronica
20.00 “Dzyga” Lviv, Ukraine

22. April 2018 Two Days and Two Nights of New Music
22.30 Philarmonie, Odessa, Ukraine

20. April 2018 EM-Visia
20.00 “Plivka” Kyiv, Ukraine


Viktoriia Vitrenko

Viktoriia Vitrenko is a Ukrainian conductor, singer and cultural activist. In 2017 - 2018 she was seen on stage of the Ukrainian National Theatre as well as Casco Theatre as part of the "Opera Forward Festival" of the Dutch National Theatre. In 2018-2019 she took over the musical direction of the project "Motor City Super Stuttgart" with Schorsch Kamerun, Stuttgart Philarmonic etc, lad the Youth Ensemble for New Music BW and the Divertimento Ensemble (Milan). In 2019, she released her debut CD „Scenes“ on AUDITE with chamber vocal music by György Kurtág, which received, a.o., Supersonic Pizzicato and was nominated for the Preis der Deutschen Schalplattenkritik and International Classical Music Awards. She is a co-founder of the InterAKT Initiative e.V. an interdisciplinary group of artists based in Stuttgart, and the Mixed Sound Personnel for voice, percussion and electronics.

Lucas Gerin

Lucas Gerin is a french percussionist. Gerin discovered his special interest in new music and collaboration with composers during his bachelor's degree in Toulouse. At the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts he completed two Master's programmes in the profiles Percussion Solo and New Music, in the course of which he always dealt with current trends in contemporary music. As a soloist and ensemble musician, he has worked with composers such as Johannes Kreidler and Robin Hoffmann and performed world premieres by Peter Ablinger, Martin Schüttler, Philipp Krebs and many others. Lucas Gerin is a member of the formation Pony Says, which is dedicated to improvisation and the premiere of works by the younger generation of composers. His duo Mixed Sound Personnel is dedicated to the relationship between voice, percussion and electronics in various compositional formats. With these and other formations, for example the Ensemble Ascolta, Lucas Gerin has already made guest appearances at festivals such as Wien Modern, TonArt Festival Esslingen, Der Sommer in Stuttgart, REM Bremen and EM-Visia Kiev.


Die Neue Renaissance